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On our new booth K36 in hall 3 we show 

One Artist Show "Peter Lang and the Aurora Borealis" prints and paintings

Works by Bruno Augsburger, Rupert Eder, Eberhard Ross, Erin Wiersma and Stephan Wurmer

Towards the polar light - with this mission Peter Lang (born 1968) is inevitably drawn to Iceland, the land of longing for many travelers, in the winter of 2018/ 19. In addition to painting utensils and canvases, he also shipped an etching press to the Snaefellsbær peninsula. His stay of about seven months in Iceland is characterized by observations of nature and intensive studio work. He works more than 50 oil paintings on the aurora borealis, the blue light of the winter sun and the long-lasting twilight. And there are 33 etchings, which in their entirety testify to the fact that here works a master of etching, who masters the entire repertoire of techniques and procedures.

Peter Lang achieves strongly formed plasticity and nuanced light and shadow effects in mezzotint and finely drawn lines in aquatint. Each individual sheet is fully composed, powerful and always new. His etchings captivate in their pictorial realization of the natural phenomenon aurora borealis, they are calm to powerful, sometimes explosive in expression - everything is felt experience and testifies to the joy of the artist to work in this medium and to capture the incomparability of the moment.

The One-Artist-Show Peter Lang shows all etchings created in Iceland as well as a large-format oil painting Ljósadýrð (230x140cm) in the percussion line technique developed by Peter Lang with a motif of the polar lights. Peter Lang studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, active exhibition activity at home and abroad, works in private and public collections.

Works from the gallery program by Bruno Augsburger, Rupert Eder, Eberhard Ross, Erin Wiersma, and Stephan Wurmer.

Swiss photographer Bruno Augsburger (CH, 1968) studied at the Zurich School of Art and Design. He is based in Zurich and Ardez, for his work he travels extensively to Canada and Iceland, among other places. Exhibitions at home and abroad. We show black and white photographs of untouched nature.

Rupert Eder (D, 1968) studied philosophy and received his artistic imprint as a painter during a three-year stint as an assistant to Welsh abstract artist Jon Groom. Eder's work is formally reduced and dedicated to pure painting. He works rotors and loops with strong radiance in oil and free-flowing forms in watercolor on paper. We are showing recent works from 2019. works in private collections.

Eberhard Ross (D, 1959), studied at the Folkwang School in Essen, shows works on canvas from the current series of works "fermata" and "on the nature of daylight" In the works of Eberhard Ross, the individual finely superimposed layers of the picture merge into a vibrant, colorful unity and bring the composition in a fascinating way to glow / sound. To pause, to feel the color sound, as if painting were music - that is his wish for the viewer. Eberhard Ross is represented internationally and has active exhibition activities at home and abroad. Works in private and public collections.

Erin Wiersma (USA, 1982) Studied at the University of Connecitcut, lives and works in Manhattan, Kansas. American Erin Wiersma goes to the Konza Prairie Nature Preserve to draw. Here, herds of bison still graze and the grasslands are selectively burned for preservation. It looks spectacular when Erin Wiersma walks across the burned fields with her large-format papers and the prairie burning in the background. In a powerful yet meditative performance, she drags the papers through the burned grass. In collaboration with nature, she uses the ashes of the grasses to draw tightly set lines that move freely across the surface.  The results are highly condensed compositions whose line settings are always different in ductus and stroke. We show current works.

Stephan Wurmer (D, 1956) studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg. His works are represented in private and public collections, exhibitions at home and abroad. Stephan Wurmer's approach is that of an archaeologist. In his constructive sculptures he is inspired by the characteristic properties of the material wood. Wurmer uncovers layer after layer, making the power of nature visible in each individual work. The results are mostly outwardly compact forms such as cubes, cuboids, cylinders and cones that reveal an inner life rich in tension.

Preview on Wednesday, February 12 from 2 - 9 p.m.
Opening Hours: Thursday, February 13 to Sunday, 16.