Showroom 21 

small is big . artists of the gallery


Christine Brunella, Bettina Bürkle, Rupert Eder, David John Flynn, Ingo Fröhlich, Sheila Furlan, Carmen Hillers, Andreas Kocks, Dieter Kärnzlein, Peter Lang, Christine Leins, Eberhard Ross, Ulrike Seyboth, Erin Wiersma, Stephan Wurmer

OPENING NOVEMBER 8, 2023, 7 - 9 pm

november 9 until december 2, 2023

The display in Showroom 21 is both small and sophisticated, showing small-scale works that can be used as a starting point for art collecting or to add small treasures to an existing collection. Not only because of their rather small dimensions, but also the low prices, the works offer a great departure point for aspiring collectors and are a wonderful Christmas gift for art lovers! There are works on paper and canvas, bronze and wood, as well as textile art from the portfolio of the gallery.