Showroom: Organic geometry 

 Eberhard Ross & Stephan Wurmer

Opening on Thursday, January 26, 2023, 7 to 9 p.m.

in the presence of Eberhard Ross and Stephan Wurmer

"Weder die Formen der Natur, noch die der Technik, sondern organische Geometrie."
"Farbe Sehen" - Arbeitsnotizen Rainer Jochims, 1998

The origin of the works of Eberhard Ross is the search for the structures, the rhythms, the patterns that natural growth produces. In his exhibited paintings one encounters the filtrate of these observations. Ross distills the initial elements of natural growth, develops, so to speak, an "organic geometry" and thus he succeeds in showing powerful and yet quiet pictorial spaces.

In the material wood Stephan Wurmer finds the essence of the tree in its substans and structure, form work and resistance, as well as vulnerability and color. He is interested in the interplay of conflicting forces, the interplay of controlled design and free growth, of determination and randomness.

Both artists draw from the wealth of forms and phenomena of nature without explicitly emphasizing this. They take them for granted, actually doing what we should all do: they look very closely, directing their attention away from the superficial.

Eberhard Ross, Katalog Organische Geometrie

Eberhard Ross

Stephan Wurmer