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Katalog Fearless Light - Rupert Eder
der Katalog zur Ausstellung

For Rupert Eders's current exhibition we published the catalog "Fearless Light". The design of this catalogue reflects both the working method of Rupert Eder, who repeatedly rotates his pictures during the painting process and works on the canvas from all sides, and the basic theme of the series of works based on the “color rotors.” The catalogue is divided into two sections for illustrations; by turning the book over, the reader can switch from the watercolors to the oil paintings. The series of works are presented in their chronological order from outside to inside. The middle section features a studio conversation between Guido Schlimbach and Rupert Eder about “the truth of pictures.” Here, the artist speaks for himself and openly discusses his approach, his conception of art, and his artistic situation.


You may order the catalog via email (€ 49 + shipment).