Light up

Selçuk Dizlek, David John Flynn, Ingo Fröhlich,

Sheila Furlan, Eberhard Ross and Ulrike Seyboth


January, 19th until March 15th, 2024

OPENING January 18th, 7 - 9 pm

CONCERT January 24th, 7 pm


Galerie FENNA WEHLAU is kicking off the New Year 2024 with the group exhibition "light up". Current works by Selçuk Dizlek, David John Flynn, Ingo Fröhlich, Sheila Furlan, Eberhard Ross and Ulrike Seyboth will light up the gallery and Showroom 21. Whether with silk, concrete, Plexiglas, as drawings, paintings or sculptures, the artists approach the theme of LIGHT in their very own way through their different materials and working methods. 

Selçuk Dizlek

Celebrating his debut at Galerie Fenna Wehlau with "light up" is sculptor SELÇUK DIZLEK - a sculptor, but not in the classic sense. In his groups of works, he subtly blurs the boundaries between painting, object, relief, sculpture, interaction and light art. His objects are abstract, even more "concrete, but the works also have to do with many other things, with influences from nature or with light phenomena in the city that I observe, or with the attitude to life," says Dizlek.  Again and again, the line emerges as a unifying design element, whether as a sculptural, expansive drawing or as a luminous sheet of light. His wall works made of coloured fluorescent Plexiglas actually light up the gallery spaces.

David John Flynn

Light and pastel colours are currently DAVID JOHN FLYNN's creative tools. He paints impressions of landscapes from memory, such as his current early morning walks through the fog. Light, soft forms emerge from the dim nothingness.  His paintings convey a feeling of lightness and freshness, of new beginnings. At the same time, they are diffuse and the motifs overlap. They show a shadowy state of nature and that of the artist's inner life. It is only through the temporal distance and in the typical "Flynnian" manner of collaging motifs that the memories merge into a new image that is completely unambiguous in its colourfulness. 


Ingo Fröhlich

For INGO FRÖHLICH, drawing explains the world. Drawing is complex. An idea in his head takes shape through the movement of his hand on the paper. In his nature studies, which he works en plain air while travelling, Ingo Fröhlich discovers new strokes and lines, a different sense of being. He is particularly interested in the reflection of light on water, the constant movement of flowing lines. 

Drawing is perception. What is special about being on the road is the many impressions that are new and unfamiliar. This sharpens your perception. Drawing explains the world in an unfamiliar environment. Drawing is complex. An idea in the mind takes shape through the movement of the hand on the paper. Fröhlich's drawings are created in a rhythmic process. Stroke by stroke, line by line, they fill the surface, describing movement, time and intermediate space. It is not about perfection; it is about the working process, about steps, wandering, further development.

Sheila Furlan

SHEILA FURLAN's textile sculptures allow views and insights into interior spaces through their membrane-like surface. They show dialectical interplays between inside and outside, transparency, volume and space. Furlan works with fine, transparent silk, which she stretches onto frames. On the wafer-thin silk fabrics are traces of memories, lettering from selected letters, secret messages, carefully embroidered using Furlan's thread drawing technique. As delicate as her floating spaces are, their poetry and multi-layered quality resonate with us, conveying depth and fullness.


Eberhard Ross

The abstract paintings by EBERHARD ROSS with their finely nuanced colour gradients and delicate, infinitely filigree networks of lines have an astonishing effect. While their edges become denser and darker towards the outside, the centre of the picture seems to glow. Their strong luminosity in a suggestive, haunting tonal quality evokes a special resonance in the viewer, accompanied by an inner touch. On display are works from the current series "on the nature of daylight", which are inspired by the light of twilight and a composition by Max Richter with the same title, worked in reddish, orange, ochre, beige and grey nuances. As a highlight, we are showing some rare works from the "resonances" project, a collaboration between Ross and the well-known pianist and composer Pascale Berthelot from France. Music and painting merge when Ross paints to her music and she composes to his paintings. The project will go on tour from spring 2024, with a book and sound recording being published at the same time. 


Ulrike Seyboth

ULRIKE SEYBOTH's sources of inspiration are travelling, nature and the light in the specific. For her, painting is a constant dialogue with the picture and herself.  Her paintings are characterised by an intense volume of colour in mostly red and blue tones and a strong simultaneity, everything seems to take place simultaneously: vigorously brushed and blurred as well as overpainted areas, fine traces, strokes, scribbles, words and strikingly placed shapes such as circles, semicircles, ovals, lines and triangles are distributed throughout the entire picture.

Seyboth's works on canvas and paper collages have a high proportion of white. Nina Holm: "White is always in the foreground; the artist develops the rest of the picture from this non-colour. Only through the white do the other colours achieve their radiance (...)". We are showing Ulrike Seyboth's current work on canvas from the "snowtracks" series and collages from the "îles et rosages" series.