newlyn blue I Rupert Eder

15.09. till 10.11.2018

Rupert Eder understands painting as a spiritual process that cannot be expressed by anything other than painting itself. His compositions thematize the relationship of color, form, and material texture; their interplay opens up the pictorial space to the viewer. Eder works in old-masterly techniques, mixing his colors from a variety of pigments and thus finding his typical strong luminosity to a translucent color materiality. He often juxtaposes color chords individually, then remixes them at the corners of their transgressions.

Eder finds his inspiration in the intensive examination of art historical and philosophical themes and in the contemplation of nature. An artist in residence stay in southern England in spring 2018 led him to newlyn blue, a new blue color palette that has its origins in the experience of nature and the light conditions in Cornwall. The exhibition shows recent works from newlyn and central works from the last series of works. An edition of painted ceramics will be published to accompany the exhibition.