symphony of colours and shapes

Aljosha • BrunellaBürkleDiestel • Dizlek • Eder • Flynn • Fröhlich • Furlan 

Hartnagel • HillersKocks • Kränzlein • Lang • LeinsRoss • Seyboth • Wiersma • Wurmer  

gallery and showroom 21

september 7th until october 25th, 2024


OPENING friday, september 6th 2024, 7pm

the artists will be present

with Stefan Stefinsky on the saxophones


Long opening hours for OPEN ART MUNICH GALLERY WEEKEND on Saturday, 7 and Sunday, 8 September 2024 from 11 am - 6 pm

Artlovers Apéro 18th, 25th September, 9th October, 5 - 7 pm


Programme accompanying the exhibition

non-seated concert with Steffen Wolf, tenor and Ulf Dressler, lute instruments on 25 September 2024 from 7 pm

‘I am in love with a dream’
Baroque songs, songs and arias about love and its facets
Works by José Marin, Claudio Monteverdi, John Dowland, Jakob Kremberg,
Pierre Guédron and others

Admission €15, please register by 22.09.24

Wine tasting with Vineasten on 22 October 2024, 7 pm 


To kick off the 24/25 season, we are delighted to present a "symphony of colours and forms" by the gallery's artists in a variety of artistic positions expressed in the mutual harmony of paintings, works on paper and sculptures. True to the motto:

"Opposites and contradictions, that is our harmony." (Kandinsky)









almost weightless, pink-coloured bioism sculptures that unite to form a large biofuturistic organism

Christine Brunella

Ink drawings by Christine Brunella from the Dryads series

Bettina Bürkle

Sliding boxes and sculptures by Bettina Bürkle, in which colour spaces made up of several layers can be condensed and pulled apart

Paul Diestel

Objects in wood and bronze by Paul Diestel, who is fascinated by the processes of transformation, growth and decay in his work

Selçuk Dizlek

Perforations and colour field spaces in reflective, fluorescent and translucent materials such as Plexiglas by Selçuk Dizlek

Rupert Eder

Powerfully coloured oil paintings and watercolours by Rupert Eder, oscillating between minimalist and complex forms and structures

David John Flynn

Intuitive painting by David John Flynn, whose structure is comparable to an intricate jazz piece made up of a repertoire of developed standards and free improvisation

Ingo Fröhlich

Reduced stencil drawings by Ingo Fröhlich, created in a meditative, rhythmic process of stringing together and superimposing lines.

Sheila Furlan

Floating spaces by Sheila Furlan, whose poetry and multilayeredness resonate and convey depth

Margit Hartnagel

Dot paintings by Margit Hartnagel, which are a pulsating, vibrant field full of possibilities and potential, the pure expression of abundance

Carmen Hillers

Poetic Suminagashis by Carmen Hillers, which are created on the surface of the water and captured by the paper in the moment of moving togetherness

Andreas Kocks

Papercuts and watercolours by Andreas Kocks, which draw atonal curves as concave and convex sections or in delicate shades of colour across the sheet

Dieter Kränzlein

Freestanding geometric sculptures and wall reliefs in marble by Dieter Kränzlein, whose rhythmic, equated network of sections correspond to the form

Peter Lang

Landscape painting by Peter Lang, who applies colour with a string, a network of densely placed, finely colour-coordinated threads

Christine Leins

Seismographic drawings from inside

Eberhard Ross

Abstract paintings by Eberhard Ross with finely graded colour gradients and delicate, infinitely filigree networks of lines in which music and painting merge

Ulrike Seyboth

Poetically swinging paintings by Ulrike Seyboth, who wants to express serenity, clarity and balance in her paintings with a painterly tuning fork

Erin Wiersma

Large-format works on paper by Erin Wiersma, created during a performance in the Prairie, express a deep connection with the history of this place, its flora and fauna

Stephan Wurmer

Wooden sculptures by Stephan Wurmer, in which organic growth and constructive design, unity and transparency, chaos and order, movement and light combine to form an aesthetic whole