Christine Brunella

Christine Brunella

Christine Brunella takes us along with her into nature.
Unlike in antiquity, when natural events meant divine action, more than often divine punishment, the modern human constantly thinks of himself in relation to nature. His successor, the human being of the Anthropocene, is to be signified as the polluter of natural balance and regulatory cycles that are now out of control. A loss of control that he himself is at mercy of like all other living beings. Christine Brunella offers us a different perspective: the amazement about the phenomenon, the visible appearance of nature, the coexistence of plants and animals, the admiration of the beauty that lies in natural forms of existence and in one's own echo to this perception allow us to develop a sense of resonant belonging, of witnessing communication and resonation with nature.

All her works seem to draw a reference to the present, evidently precarious moment in the history of nature and humanity, in which we, as beneficiaries of technological advances, seem to be carelessly abandoning the foundations of life by consuming natural resources. A last glimpse of ultimately lost natural beauty – which for us seems to only be discovered in museums today, artfully prepared in many layers of creative processing?

We can imagine Christine Brunella as a wanderer who – to withstand dystopia – walks through nature, or what is still left of it for us today. As an artist who connects with the forces of nature in order to defy dystopia, she creates pictoral spaces that allow the viewer to have an exhilarating encounter with the beauty and transcience of nature. Nature becomes tangible if it does not repress the moment of its own impermanence and self-inflicted frailty.

Giving this entire game a black and white setting is an artistic choice the artist assigns a strict format to her drawings. More explicitly: a clear format within which she moves freely, establishes clear rules in complete freedom and performs smart experiments with materials.

Nature can not not merely be understood as an object, it is also subject of the artist's drawings – at least as far as the draftswoman confesses to be a part of nature through her drawings, senses affiliation to nature and transposes this experience onto the page. As the viewer, in turn, tunes in and resonates with the experience of nature through the drawing sheet, a sense of connection can occur. The viewer can connect with the drawing and its creator as well as with the unity between the draftswoman and nature. Thus, the viewers, for their part, experience their own true nature and their individual relationships with human nature and their connection with the biological species around us humans – in all the harmful disunity that we have triggered in the Anthropocene and took with us along the way.

Christine Brunella


Christine Brunella was born in 1968 and began to perceive her environment in a special way at an early age. She sees what others don't – or only few are capable of.

She is a self-taught artist. She has acquired her skills in order to transform what she sees and experiences (differently) into drawing and/or to design her surroundings.
Through the discipline of calligraphy that is located at the interface between drawing and symbol, she began to retransform (written) signs into drawing and to rediscover their origin in nature. 
Autodidactics as her way of learning proved to be ideal, as it exclusively follows one's own inner impulse/impetus and thus develops original personal and more direct means of expression.

Thus Brunella has found her own very specific, empathetic way of translating what she sees and senses into drawings and objects. She draws ballads. Ballads drawn from her experiences through her visual senses, in this case drawn from nature.

Solo exhibitions

2021BOK Galerie Offenbach (with Hannah Schmider/sculpture), Offenbach
 Arp Galerie (with Hannah Schmider/sculpture), Hanau
 Galerie Stefanie Boos, Heidelberg

Group exhibitions (selection)

2024vielschichtig, Galerie Fenna Wehlau, München
 LO Studio, Büdingen
 Wald, Städtische Galerie Offenburg
2023small is big, Galerie Fenna Wehlau, München
2022Ode an den Wald, Galerie Das Bilderhaus, Frankfurt a.M.
2021Maison d'Art, Paris
2019im weitesten Sinne Papier, Galerie KUNST 2, Heidelberg
since 2014Open Studio Days, ATELIERFRANKFURT, Frankfurt am Main