Sheila Furlan, wind I & II, 2023
Sheila Furlan, ausleuchten, 2022
Sheila Furlan, Performance Innerlichkeit (Kathrin Knöpfle), Murnau, 2022

schwebende räume - floating spaces

Sheila Furlan

opening: thursday, march 23rd, 7 - 9 pm 
talk by art hisorian Carollin Koch. the artist is present


Showroom 21: Dieter Kränzlein

exhibition until may 17th, 2023

Sheila Furlan's objects, installations and photographs arise from a conceptual process. A representative of modern textile art, she creates objects that play with space, time and planes of action. Her particularity resides in the material she uses: transparent, fragile but robust silk, with which she explores the spatial, sculptural potential. 

The transparent silk offers glimpses into inaccessible interior spaces, creates a dialectical interplay between inside and outside, of space and volume. Using the technique of thread drawing that she developed, she embroiders fragments of images and text into the fabric by hand.

Her object boxes, cuboid metal frames covered with silk, have a poetic, seemingly light appearance. Inside, material collages (including natural materials) are sometimes combined with the outer embroidery. As a further option, she developed floating suspensions, illuminated plinths and wall panels as carriers for her works. The deliberate use of light intensifies the transparency of the object and allows further layers of shadows to emerge.

Accompanying programme

thursday, april 20th, 2023, 7 pm 
poetry orcale with Sabine Magnet 

In the midst of Sheila Furlan's works, Sabine Magnet writes on her typewriter, becomes a medium for the moods and energies of people and space, puts them on paper. In the course of the evening, poems and poetic texts emerge, which Magnet gives to those who ask for them. Each of these texts is unique and can be interpreted as one wishes for one's own life.

Sabine Magnet is a poet, journalist and author. She has written several books, runs an indie publishing house and is co-founder of the art collective DIE VILLA. In 2017, she launched the POETRY TO GO project, a poetry performance in which she spontaneously writes poems on her typewriter for strangers. She lives in Munich and Paris.



thursday, april 27th, 2023, 7 pm
performance by Kathrin Knöpfle

Kathrin Knöpfle, coming from a background in wooden sculpture, trained as a dancer at the TIP in Freiburg and has worked under various national and international choreographers ever since. Among other projects, she is a permanent member of Anja Gysin's Swiss Dance Company and has expanded her range of activities by working intensively in acting and movement pedagogy.


please register in advance by e-mail or telephone for both events

floating spaces