fearless light water

Rupert Eder


Works on paper

book presentation of the catalog of the same title (€ 35)

solo exhibition from September, 9 until 18,  2021



Rupert Eder is a painter of vibrantly colored oil paintings and watercolors that oscillate between minimalist and complex forms and structures. He understands painting as a mental process that cannot be expressed by anything other than painting itself. The exhibition "Fearless Light" features works on canvas and paper from this series of works begun in 2020 and at the same time stands programmatically for Rupert Eder’s current work. The catalogue itself presents his artistic development since 2015.

Rupert Eder stands as much in the tradition of British painting by the likes of Howard Hodgkin and Patrick Heron as he doesin that of American painting by artists such as Brice Marden and Agnes Martin. Willfully ref ined work titles give clues to his engagement with contemporary music and literature, as well as his interest in the natural sciences. For his Rotors, with vertical and horizontal bars of color on a predominantly square surface, the title seems to function like an engine that sets off a rotary motion. His Silent Watchers question who is observing whom here—the viewer the picture, or the picture the viewer?

Important for him were two short successive work stays in Cornwall: in 2016 in Penzance with a group exhibition at "The Exchange" and in 2018 in Newlyn with a group exhibition at the Newlyn Art Gallery. It was here that he created the work "Newlyn Blue", to which the exhibition in my gallery in 2018 was dedicated.

Eder is inspired by observations of light and nature, which he makes especially on trips to the French Atlantic coast, where he paints watercolors en plein air. But he also likes to work in hotel rooms in metropolitan cities such as London and New York, as well as in his large, light-flooded studio in Diessen am Ammersee. His chromatically intensive watercolors are created in a process of experimentation. He uses various papers as base material and allows himself to be surprised by their properties. As a result of a so-called erratic coincidence, he arrives at new and enigmatic pictorial concepts that captivate the viewer.








list of works and prices in the exhibition "Fearless Light - Water"